Establish and Protect Your Brand


Your brand is an invaluable asset to your business—it’s how consumers will identify you, relate to you, and how they will ultimately remember you.

Brands are protected through Trademark Law.  We help our clients choose names that will avoid conflict, register word marks, slogans and logos with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and monitor the marketplace for infringers.

Upon filing a trademark application with the USPTO, you may also be eligible for trademark registrations internationally.   We help with that too.



Enforce and Defend Your Rights


Owners of different trademarks and copyrights often become at odds.  You may find others violating your rights, or you may be accused of doing so by another party.  We can assess your situation, provide our honest advice, and then zealously advocate for your best interests.  

We seek to resolve matters efficiently to avoid litigation, but we team up with litigation experts should a dispute escalate into a matter that should be presented to the courts.